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Oh Deer…Revenge of the Venison Burgers

Up until about a year ago I’d stand out on my front porch in the wee hours, waiting for the herd of deer to walk down the street I live on. They’d usually come by around 1:30 or 2:00 in … Continue reading

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Birds in the Courtyard

Like most vegetable gardeners I have a love/hate relationship with birds. Sure, they’re beautiful and fun to watch, as long as they aren’t eating all the berries or pecking holes in the tomatoes! These little guys are just having some … Continue reading

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Late Fall Container Garden

Before I knew it September was gone and I still hadn't started any seedlings for my fall container garden. It may be too late, but you've got to try, right? I started the tomatoes from seed, on a window sill … Continue reading

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