Building a Fence for the Little Texas Garden

We have three mischievous mutts, one of which is a lab mix still in the puppy stage. In her spare time she enjoys chewing rugs, chasing squirrels, and digging holes. This necessitates us having a fence around the garden.

When the picket fence around my mother’s house came down, my wife claimed it. I usually can think of a million reasons not to bring extra things to our little house, but in this case I reminded myself of the importance of recycling, rented a panel truck, loaded it and hauled it from Groves, TX to our little house in the hill country. It’s been sitting in a corner of our backyard for two years in anticipation of this moment.

Not being a skilled builder (you should see me try to saw a straight line) I went online and sought guidance for setting the posts and putting the fence together. Renting the auger to dig the post holes was one of my smarter moves. We’ve got quite a bit of buried rock in our yard and I can only imagine the string of profanity I would have let loose if I’d been digging the holes the old fashioned way. Our inhospitable soil is another reason for the raised beds I’ll soon put it, but truth be told I prefer raised bed gardening anyway. I’ve done it before and the yields have always been greater than the old row and hoe method.

Before I install the beds I’ll need to remove the old doorway to the garage and cover it with salvaged tin.

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  1. Rene Day says:

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