January To Do List in Your Little Texas Garden

Here are a few reminders to help you get this year’s garden off to a good start.

1. Order those seed catalogs now! I love being able to shop by mouse as much as the next person (maybe even more so), but there is an irreplaceable joy in holding a seed catalog in your hands, rather than on your iPad. Burpee continues to be a favorite, and their collection of heirloom seeds just keeps getting bigger. If you’re really interested in heirloom gardening, you can’t go wrong with Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They have hundreds of varieties to choose from, and offer many resources for the serious heirloom gardener.

2. Plan your garden. Get out a few sheets of graph paper, a ruler and a pencil and make a scale drawing of your garden space. Decide what you’re going to plant this spring, and determine how much space you need to get everything you want in your garden.

3. Compost. If you aren’t already composting, it isn’t too late. Kitchen composting is a great way to start for those of you who haven’t composted before. Just train yourself to keep those banana peels, egg shells, coffee grinds and vegetable trimmings in an airtight container to keep down the smell and avoid pest problems. Once a day empty your kitchen container onto the main compost pile. I’ll cover composting a little more in depth in a later post.

4. Maintain your gear. If it needs sharpening, oiling, or mending, now is a good time to get everything in good working order.

I’m putting in a raised bed garden this year, so I’ll be preparing the site over the next few days in anticipation of all of the good things to come this season. Let’s see, all I have to do is build a fence around it, level the soil, build the beds, fill them with dirt…

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