Late Fall Container Garden

Carmello Tomato on the Front Porch

Carmello Tomato on the Patio

Romaine Lettuce

Swiss Chard

Before I knew it September was gone and I still hadn't started any seedlings for my fall container garden. It may be too late, but you've got to try, right?

I started the tomatoes from seed, on a window sill in the kitchen. They are Carmellos, a French heirloom tomato seen most often in the open air markets around France. Every time I look at a Carmello I imagine myself in Paris in the spring…

The romaine lettuce and Swiss chard were sown directly into the pots, which in hindsight was probably not the best way to do things. Next time I’ll start them in the window, or, if I’m really industrious over the next year, in an as yet to be built greenhouse.

I also tried sowing spinach directly into the pots, but it never sprouted. I have a few seedlings in the windowsill as I write this, with one weak shoot valiantly fighting its way out of the dirt.

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4 Responses to Late Fall Container Garden

  1. Sustainable Eats says:

    It’s so amazing to me to see things like tomatoes started in the fall. It’s been well below freezing here but the real issue is lack of sun hours. And duck damage. I hope you end up with something this winter from your efforts – even if it’s just more venison burgers!

    • Will Atkinson says:

      Thanks, Annette! Unfortunately, procrastination and the inevitable December frost helped to do in the tomatoes about two weeks before I would have gotten a few juicy Carmellos. Next year I’ll plant in early September!

    • Edy says:

      I’ll take tomtaoes, squash, beans, grape leaves, AND your pickled beans (worth their weight in GOLD)!

    • Jade says:

      I love finding out what grows best in other people’s gardens; it is always fun to compare!I really enjoyed our Cherokee Purple tomatoes this year as well, and even my parents, who are advocates of your typical large, bright red slicer, thought they tasted the best!

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