Every time I’m in the garden I get a taste of the past:

I planted this two weeks ago, why isn’t it doing anything?


This is beautiful and, I really need to pull those weeds and tie these tomato vines before things get out of hand.

And future:

This variety isn’t doing so well, I’ll have to try something different next year. Or, Way too much basil. Way, way too much basil!

There are also nice surprises, like the last few carrots I picked a few days ago to add to the beef stew I was getting ready to make.



These are “Little Finger” carrots, an heirloom variety developed in France for canning and pickling, advertised to grow 3 to 4 inches long in just a few months. Mine were 8 to 10 inches long, but I planted them seven and a half months ago. The added time in the ground increased the size, but did nothing to diminish the flavor.

"Little Fingers" my Foot!

“Little Fingers” my Foot!

Once I rinsed the dirt off of them it was all I could do to put them in the stew pot, because they were crisp and oh so sweet, a reminder of how sometimes the simplest things can bring unexpected joy.

We’re still getting Swiss chard and kale, and the wild onions I transplanted early last spring have rebounded, but that is about it for the spring crop.

Now comes one of the many joys of the home garden; planning the next one. The San Marzano tomatoes will be making another appearance, and I’ll try the Carmellos once more. Other as yet to be determined varieties will also get a shot at the title. This year’s crop of seed catalogs are already bursting forth from the mailbox, and I have so little space and not much time before planting needs to begin. Patience, I tell myself. Patience.

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