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Aggie Horticulture Texas A&M University’s website, it has a wealth of knowledge to help the home gardener. It’s currently a little light on organic gardening, but they’re improving.

Austin, TX vegetable planting calendar.

The Ruth Stout No-Work Garden Book: Secrets of the Famous Year-Round Mulch Method You can still find used copies of this out of print gem. A must for anyone wanting to maximize the fun of gardening by minimizing the work.

Web Design:

There are many good reasons to have your own website, perhaps the most important being credibility. First you’ll need to buy the domain name from a registrar (I recommend Namecheap). This is a small fee that you pay yearly, usually less than $10. The next step is choosing a company to host your website (for that I recommend Hostgator). Depending on the hosting package it can cost you as little as $5 per month. After you accomplish those steps you’ll need to decide on a platform. WordPress is currently the most user-friendly program and it’s free!




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